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Title: Maharana Pratap 11 September 2015 Full Episode Sony Tv
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Maharana Pratap 11 September 2015 Maharana Pratap 11 September 2015 Full Episode Sony Tv, Maharana Pratap 11 September 2015 Full Sony T...
Maharana Pratap 11 September 2015

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Maharana Pratap 10th September 2015 Written Update by apnilooks.blogspot.com
Maharana Pratap 10th September 2015 Written Episode

Maan Singh moves around to see who is there. Pratap holds his dagger and gets ready to attack but Maan Singh cannot see anyone around. He notices a small door. He is about to open it when soldiers come running to tell him that the soldiers who were guarding the special areas are dead. Another soldier comes to inform him that the special spy has come over to meet him. Maan Singh leaves with him. Pratap was hiding inside that room only.

Pratap and Dhani look at the huge tower. Pratap points out that there are 500 stairs inside. We cannot take stairs as it will be dangerous. We will have to climb all the way up to rescue Kamlawati. Chandrasen and Acharya are doing the right thing but we will have to take this challenge. He asks for a rope.

The soldiers surround Acharya. Chandrasen manages to enter inside the room where gunpowder is kept while Acharya fights with the soldiers. He too gets inside. Chandrasen and Acharya decide to collect some gunpowder now so they can execute their mission.

Shakti kills many soldiers too.

Pratap and Dhani start climbing up the tower with the help of ropes.

Mughal soldiers come inside the arms room but don’t see Acharya and Chandrasen there as they are hiding. They lock the room from outside. Chandrasen and Acharya get down executing their plan. They connect a thin rope with a few sacks and take one sack with them.

The soldiers hear some noise but cannot see anyone around as Pratap and Dhani are high up on the building.

Chandrasen and Acharya light fire to the rope. There is a big blast.

Maan Singh gets to now that the original spy Aparna is dead. Soldiers tell him about the blasts that are happening around every corner of the palace. He goes to see it for himself.

Pratap slits the throat of one of the soldiers. He signals Aparna. She runs out in the corridor asking for help. He killed that soldier and ran in the opposite direction. A group of soldiers head to that side to look for him. Pratap comes in front of the other group. Maan Singh questions the soldiers as to what are they doing here. He slaps the soldier telling him that that person is not Aparna but a spy of Mewar. Pratap kills the Mughal soldiers. He gets inside Kamlawati’s cell. Kamlawati is very glad to see him. They hear the sound of footsteps. Maan Singh orders the soldiers to kill everyone but Pratap. We have to catch him alive! He finds Kamlawati’s cell empty and all the soldiers dead.

Maan Singh comes to tell the same to Akbar. They all are still inside the palace. Akbar reprimands him for his security. Your people are good for nothing! I am surrounded by all fools. Now I will have to do something.

Shakti one by one kills all the soldiers who are guarding the cannons. He sees fireworks. Dada bhai has rescued Kamlawati. Chandrasen and Acharya see it too. Shakti thinks that it is time to fire the cannons. Chandrasen and Acharya begin to go to the place where they were scheduled to meet. Shakti Singh loads one of the cannons. He finds Akbar staring at him. His attention gets diverted.

Pratap is waiting for Shakti’s signal.

Shakti Singh marches towards Akbar’s court. Akbar is already waiting for him there. Shakti Singh tries to attack him but falls in Akbar’s trap. Soldiers surround him. Akbar is very happy that he has Pratap’s brother now. He will have to hand himself over to me now. I wont leave you Pratap! I knew that you wont be able to go far if you see me. I came before you as a prey and you fell for it. Shakti says you must also know then that no one can hold Shakti back ever. Akbar applauds his brave style. I will free you for forever. He instructs the soldiers to spread this news in every corner of his palace that he has held Shakti Singh captive. If Pratap and his brethren don’t come out then I will execute Shakti in front of the people of my city.

Pratap is tensed as his brother hasn’t given the signal yet. He never overlooks my orders. Right then they hear Maan Singh’s voice. Maan Singh announces that they have arrested Shakti Singh. Come out before I count till 10 or we will kill him. They all hear the announcement. Chandrasen suggests surrendering before Akbar. He might kill us at the most but it can save Shakti’s life. Pratap cannot agree for surrender as his brother will not agree for it ever. Aparna too wants to save Shakti. We should think of something. Pratap has a plan. We will make such a big blast before that Mughal that our movements get ignored by him. We can rescue Shakti then. Acharya and Chandrasen are given the responsibility for it. Acharya already has a rope. We only have to keep it in the ground and set it on fire. Pratap wants only as much time as he needs to rescue his brother. The soldiers should get diverted for that much time. I will get him out safely.

Maan Singh tells the soldiers to be extra alert. Pratap is a storm. We have to catch him at any cost today. Pratap joins the soldiers in the disguise of a Mughal soldier. He thinks of his brother as he walks in the corridor. All the soldiers bend down before Akbar except Pratap. Akbar notices the same. He stops before Pratap and smirks. I am so happy to see you right before my eyes. I will treat you so royally this time that you wont be able to forget it ever Pratap!

Precap: Pratap attacks Akbar but Akbar brings forward another soldier who dies in the process. More soldiers gather around them. Pratap escapes from there. Akbar wants him to be caught at any cost! The much awaited blast happens. Everyone looks shaken up.

Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 11th September 2015 Full Episode

                    Maharana Pratap 11 September 2015 Full Episode Sony Tv