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Title: Piya Rangrezz 9 September 2015 Full Episode Life OK
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Piya Rangrezz 9 September 2015 Piya Rangrezz 9 September 2015 Full Episode Life OK, Piya Rangrezz 9 September 2015 Full Life OK HQ ...
Piya Rangrezz 9 September 2015

Piya Rangrezz 9 September 2015 Full Episode Life OK

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Piya Rangrezz 8th September 2015 Written Update by apnilooks.blogspot.com
Piya Rangrezz 8th September 2015 Written Episode

Shraddha gets up and shouts Sher’s name. Sumer calms her and says Sher is not yet found. She says she will find Sher herself.

Bhavri’s servants say they did not find Sher yet. She beats them with stick and says she herself will find lalla. Mama asks her to calm down and let servants search Sher. Bhavri shouts that she will search Sher till her last breath. Shraddha comes and asks her to let her search Sher. Bhavri holds her hair and asks her to stop her drama and get out. Mama says if they all try to find Sher, he will be found. Servant comes back and says Sher is not found in far jungle, that means he is somewhere around. Another servant comes and shows Sher’s goggles. Shraddha says it is Sher’s goggles. Bhavri asks him take her where he found it. Mama says that means someone helped bhajajji and took him from here.

Sher is seen on grass murmuring Shraddha’s name and a lady is shown holding knife. While searching Sher, thorn pricks Shradha’s barefoot. Then, Bhavri gets injured and shouts in pain. Shraddha tries to help her, but Bhavri shouts to back off and yells that Sher’s problems are because of her. She picks gun and says she will kill her. She then sees a lady and runs behind her, but lady escape. Shraddha sees hut and says lady must be in that hut. They both enter hut and don’t find anyone inside. Sumer and mama also reach hut and say they searched whole hut, but did not find anyone.

Shraddha says she feels Sher is somewhere around. Bhavri shouts at her and then asks maama and Sumer to search sher. She walks out with mama and asks him to call Sumer. Sumer walks out while Shraddha stays. Her sari strucks in grass and she thinks someone is holding it, then turns back and frees her sari and walks out. Mama says bhanjaji will not be found here, so they will have to search him somewhere else. Bhavri agrees and walks. Shraddha senses someone behind bushes and shouts to come out. She calls Sumer. Sumer says Bhavri that bhabiji is calling him. Bhavri says let her die here, they will search Sher. Shraddha sees woman running and follows her. Lady throws Sher’s jacket and escapes. Shraddha picks it and says Sher must be somewhere around. She shows jacket to Bhavri and says that lady threw Sher’s jacket and ran away, so Sher must be somewhere around hut, so they should search Sher in hut.

They all go back to hut and start searching Sher. Shraddha hears beep sound and asks everyone to be silent. She hears beep coming under grass and clears it. Everyone are shocked to see Sher. Shraddha cries seeing Sher.

Precap: Bhavri says shraddha that she is unlucky for Sher and if she loves him, she should sign divorce papers.