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Title: Reporters 10 September 2015 Full Episode Sony Tv
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Reporters 10 September 2015 Reporters 10 September 2015 Full Episode Sony Tv, Reporters 10 September 2015 Full Sony Tv HQ Episode, ...
Reporters 10 September 2015

Reporters 10 September 2015 Full Episode Sony Tv

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Reporters 9th September 2015 Written Update by apnilooks.blogspot.com
Reporters 9th September 2015 Written Episode

Guests start flowing in for Ananya and Kabeer’s engagement. Baby brings a big gift box. Armaan asks what is in it. She says it is a surprise. Sunny sees her and gets very happy. Ananya’s mom sees his expressions and suggests him to propose Baby, if she accepts, good for him, if not, at least he will not have a guilt that he did not propose her.

Kabeer reaches engagement venue. Baby greets him and asks if he came to take his bride. He says yes. She asks where is engagement ring. Malvika enters with bouquet and ring and says dad gifted rings for him and Ananya and is angry that he did not invite him. Kabeer says she knows he was busy and asks where is khalid. She says he is busy in meeting, so he sent bouquet.

Sunny kneels with a rose and proposes Baby. Baby falls unconscious. Mom comes and asks what happened to her. Kabeer says Sunny proposed her. Kabeer’s brother and sister-in-law enter. Kabeer greets them in, tells bhabhi that she gave him best gift and touches her feet. He then hugs his brother and introduces them to Ananya and family. Mom says she has kept a pooja for Ananya’s father before engagement.

Pandit comes and asks if he should do havan or just pooja. Arman says no fumes, so just pooja. Kabeer asks Ronnie to get a card from his car. Ronnie gets him card. Kabeer gives card to Ananya and says Anurag gave it. She sees hand-made card and gets emotional. She calls Anurag who says he was waiting for her call since a long time. She says Kabeer gave card just now. He says Kabeer and Taruni are planning a surprise for her and he will report her everything. Ananya laughs and says ok.

Shreya enters, goes and stands behind Kabeer and ananya and says surprise, her meeting ended soon, so she came in. She also greets mom. Ananya angrily walks out. Kabeer tries to follow her, but Richa stops her and says she will go and console her. Shreya greets Kabeer’s brother and sister-in-law next. They gets angry seeing her. Manav comes and joins her. She looks at Ananya’s father’s pic and changes expression.

Richa asks Ananya why is she overreacting. Ananya says when she did not invite Shreya, why did she come here. She told in the morning that she is not coming, but now shamelessly came in.

Shreya shows Ananya’s dad pic to Manav and asks if he is Ananya’s dad. Manav says yes, he was a journalist and he met with an accident. Shreya smirks and says she found out way to break Ananya and Kabeer’s relationship.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: When a person defeats someone, he/she gets a burden of favor and will have to repay heavily.

Precap: No precap today.