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Title: Satrangi Sasural 11 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv
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Satrangi Sasural 11 September 2015 Satrangi Sasural 11 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv, Satrangi Sasural 11 September 2015 Full ...
Satrangi Sasural 11 September 2015

Satrangi Sasural 11 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv

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Satrangee Sasural 10th September 2015 Written Update by apnilooks.blogspot.com
Satrangee Sasural 10th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is speechless, at vibha’s question. The mothers and arushi is scared. he then takes out his cell phone, and dials a number, while all are tensed. the bank manager supposedly greets him, and he gives the phone to vibha, and she overhears some transaction of 50 crores yesterday that helped them a great deal. Vibha talks to the supposed bank manager, of vihaan, who dials the number and gives it to her. she enquires whats Prem Chopra’s bank balance. She is surprised at what she hears, as the bank manager, aka manohar, who reprimands her for being such a lowlife, as to not to identify a good man of his stature. he asks her to cancel the call. she is disturbed but then assured too of his money, and hurriedly signs the papers. vihaan and the mothers amusedly wink at each other, relieved and happy. vibha asks him to thank his wife on her behalf. He gives her the cheque, and the guards and autcioners leave. vibha eyes the cheque dreamy eyed. Vihaan then starts to go to arushi, who eyes him overwhelmingly, and presents her the papers, whjile the mothers smile. vibha asks why is he giving this to her. Vihaan then takes off his disguise, and vibha is shocked, to see that he was the bidder, as he eyes her angrily. The mothers eye vibha’s outraged face with much glee. She asks how could he betray her like this. he confronts her, and then slaps her tight across the face. vibha is distraught and shocked. He says that he hasnt but she has betrayed and everyone. arushi joins him and says that she should have known that the evil never wins, and now her game is over, as vihaan remembered everything. She grabs vibha by the hand, and says that she shall lock her in the store, till the time the police doesnt come, as thats her fate. she locks her in the store. then he meets them all, and especially his children, as the parents get overwhelmed to see this happy reunion. he apologises to his children for the delay. the mothers tell that he didnt rem,ember but he was with them. All are teary eyed and emotional. Mini says that they shall teach vibha a lesson, before the police comes. Arushi tries to stop them, but they are adamant, and even granny tells her not to stop the mothers as they have been hurt badly.

In the store, vibha gathers old newspapers, and sprays petrol on them, thinking that if he cant be hers, then he wont be their either, as she cant let arushi win. She alights the newspapers, and then douses it with the blanket. She then eyes the ash, as it starts giving smoke. Outside they see the smoke and wonder what she is upto. They enter to find the room engulfed in smoke. She takes this chance to stealthily escape out. Arushi and vihaan rush to the mothers’ care. Vibha who is about to run outside, as she hears the police sirens and goes back in and hides. The police along with the family begin to search for her. Vibha meanwhile finds an old rug and wraps herself into a roll in it. Vihaan, arushi and the police enter but dont seee her as she lies hidden. they leave to search elsewhere. She is relieved. she comes out, and is determined to seek revenge on the Vatsala family, as if vihaan cant be hers, he cant be theirs too, and she shall ensure it.

In the hall, the police say that she must have run away but wont be able to get out of delhi, as there’s checkposts on every corner. they leave. The mothers are tensed. vihaan asks them not to worry as she cant harm them, as her game is over and she is finished.

The next morning, granny arranges a feast for the poor and the old women so that they bless the children. vibha too enters in disguise. the mothers lay out food, and granny asks them all to eat with full contentment. Vibha gets up and begins to go, when geeta stops her and asks why isnt she eating and where is she going. she turns to her, and signsla by showing hands, that she wishes to wash them. Geeta is boggled by her strange behaviour. She goes to the kitchen and opens a vial, that contains such a poison, which if administered shall be fatal in the next 24 hours, and also the antidote for it, which is the only curative remedy for the poison. vibha emiles evilly. She then injects the poison in her lipstick, and applies it, and goes back again. she finds everyone busy in serving food, seeking blessings for the children. Arushi asks her to sit, but is boggled when she sees her face, staring at her. She asks the lady if she needs anything. all are boggled as to why she doesnt sit. they all turn to face her. she comes and stands in front of vihaan. Vihaan is shocked, along with the mothers as vibha stands in front of them, disguised as an old woman. she says that she loves him. they are all boggled and shocked. Vibha says that if he cant live with her, he can atleast die with her. she then goes onto kiss him on the lips with her red lipstick infused with poison laced lips. the mothers are shocked and outraged. Arushi is furious, as she stands shocked. vihaan jerks her away, while arushi snatches her and goes onto slap her, while she eyes vihaan’s lip with lipstick smear that contains poison. they all go into check on vihaan if he is okay, and arushi asks who is she. she takes off her wig and eyelashes, and they are shocked to see vibha. thee screen freezes on arushi’s shocked face.

Precap: harpreet points out, much to everyone’s shock and despair, that vihaan is bleeding from the nose. Vibha says that now only she can save vihaan, as she has the antidote. But for that, they shall have to agree on one condition. Arushi asks whats the bet. Vibha says that she wants arushi and vihaan’s divorce. They are outraged and distraught.. .