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Title: Jamai Raja 10 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv
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Jamai Raja 10 September 2015 Jamai Raja 10 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv, Jamai Raja 10 September 2015 Full Zee Tv HQ Episode,...
Jamai Raja 10 September 2015

Jamai Raja 10 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv

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Jamai Raja 9th September 2015 Written Update b apnilooks.blogspot.com
Jamai Raja 9th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mrs. and Mr. Sharma coming to DD’s house to take Ayesha home. DD says they wanted to take Ayesha today, so she called them. Roshni is shocked. DD calls Ayesha and asks servant to bring her stuff. Roshni asks what is the hurry? Nani Maasi says DD’s decision is right. Ayesha refuses to go and cries asking them not to send her. She gets under the dinning table. Nani Maasi asks her to come out. DD asks the servant to take her out. Ayesha refuses to go, and pleads that she don’t want to go. She hugs Roshni and cries asking her not to send her. Roshni cries. DD tells Roshni that you can meet Ayesha whenever you want to. She sends Ayesha with the fake Sharmas. Mrs. and Mr. Sharma thank DD. Ayesha cries as she is taken away forcibly. Roshni cries asking DD to stop Ayesha. DD says this is not fair and asks Roshni what happened to you. Ayesha comes back to Roshni and hugs her cryingly. Everyone get emotional and teary eyes. DD tells Roshni that this is too much of melodrama and says this is not required asking her to stop it. Roshni hugs Ayesha and cries. DD and Nani Maasi separate Ayesha and Roshni. Nani Maasi asks Roshni to go to her room. Mrs. and Mr. Sharma take her from there.

Sid comes home and is shocked. He asks why she acted in the night and got emotional. He says I am sure Ayesha has left without taking our names and went happily. DD interferes. Sid asks her not to interfere and asks Roshni to give Mr. Sharma’s number. He calls Mr. Sharma and insists to talk to Ayesha. He gets shocked and asks how can you let this happen. He informs everyone that Ayesha ran away from their home and is clueless. Sid says Mr. Kapoor is sitting peacefully as Ayesha is not his daughter. He warns Roshni saying he lost his baby once, and will not lose her again. He says I will bring my daughter home. DD gets angry. Sid says I don’t have time to fulfill Jamai’s duty, and have to do father’s duty now. He says I will bring my daughter at any cost. Roshni tells I didn’t do this intentionally and asks Sid to listen to her. Sid leaves. DD asks Roshni to relax and says Ayesha will be found. Nani Maasi says let Ayesha run away, don’t bother about her. Roshni says did you sleep when I was kidnapped? Ayesha is my responsibility, and I will not be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her.

She goes to Sid and tells that she didn’t betray him. She says she didn’t know when DD called Sharma’s home. Sid asks if she is happy now, after finding good home for Ayesha. Roshni cries. Sid apologizes and tells that he will make everything fine. They get in the lift. Yash comes home and informs Samaira that he got a good candidate for his assistant job. He says she is Krutika. Sam doesn’t hear him as she gets call. She leaves in a hurry.

Simran accuses DD for not doing background check before giving Ayesha in adoption to Sharmas. DD reminds her that this is her home and asks her to go to London. Nani Maasi asks why she is making issue. Simran feels bad about their narrow minded thinking and says I thought you are very progressive. She says we should take care of all street children. She says Ayesha is just a small child and worries about her. She says we were staying in this house for our Sid, Roshni and our grand son, but now we are leaving. She asks her to be in home with peace.

Sid comes from Police station and tells Roshni that Police will search Ayesha. He says I don’t let anything happen to her. Nani Maasi scolds the servant and asks why you didn’t make parathas for me. Servant says I made and kept it here. Nani comes and takes Nani Maasi from there. Servant thinks of keeping parathas on the table and wonders where did it go. She hears some noise from the kitchen shelve and opens it, just then Nani comes and sends her. She says she will make parathas.

Sid brings glass of juice for Roshni and asks her to drink. Roshni is sad, just then he sees juice in half glass and says he brought full glass. They see someone, probably Ayesha.