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Title: Qubool Hai 10 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv
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Qubool Hai 10 September 2015 Qubool Hai 10 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv, Qubool Hai 10 September 2015 Full Zee Tv HQ Episode,...
Qubool Hai 10 September 2015

Qubool Hai 10 September 2015 Full Episode Zee Tv

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Qubool Hai 9th September 2015 Written Update by apnilooks.blogspot.com
Qubool Hai 9th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
azad gets tensed as amad gives mahira a ropse, and she shyly blushes. He eyes azad evilly amused at his displeasure. She acceps it. He asks her to dance and she is surprised. She says that she is a bful dancer, and jokes about it. amad is amused, but still tags along with her, and gives out his hand for her to accept. she does so while azad is displeased. he eys azad teasingly, and then takes her to the dance floor, and dances to a peppy number, while azad’s face remains stoical and stern, thinking that amad wont ever become good, but mahira is very innocent and he cant see tears in her eyes, even though he doesnt want to interfere in amad’s life. While dancing, mahira twils and turns to face azad, who confronts her, while amad stands behind them. Azad begins to dance with her, while she doesnt comply immediately. he however puts on his loving caring self, and then gets her to dance. Khan begum is tensed thinking that time is slipping away and she has to find that girl soon. Mahira and azad dance sensually on a romantic number, while she is boggled. Amad watches tensedly. they look like two lovers, with their soul united, as they romantically dance. to the sensual number. An awkward yet romantic embrace and eyegaze follows, while she shyly lowers her gaze, as he eyes her lovingly, boring down upon her. finally, she composes herself and retreats herself, remembering amad’s venom against azad. All clap. Then amad comes in instigating mahira that this is exactly how azad gets jealous and tries to snatch everything from him, and thats how she has to cure him. She leaves tensedly, while amad is amused. she comes to azad and asks her to come along for water, as she is very thirsty. then she, through her bantering and dancing, continues to ask about azad’s vitals. he is boggled, and then asks why is she behaving so weirdly, and asking his stats, while dancing. she again gives another lameass excuse for it, and then tries to cheer him, but he is far from it. He eyes her stoically. She badgers on about his height and weight, and he finally tells her. he goes ahead, and she remembers she needs to see the colour of the eyes. she hollers for him, and he turns back, while she checks out his eyes. he is at discomfort, and asks whats she doing. she says that she just noticed that there’s huge depth in his eyes. Another romantic eyegaze follows. As she is pushed, he rushes in to catch her, lest she is pained. her dupatta gets entangled in his handcuff, and slides down her back. khan begum passing by sees the special figure of eight on her exposed back, through the throngs of the crowd. She breaks her glass in astonishment, and wonders that she is so tensed that everywhere she sees it only. she discards her suspicions. But then she looks again and is sure. she starts moving towards it. Khan begum takes a knife, and stealthily makes her way through the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the special girl, and then kill her by stabbing. mahira meanwhile tells azad fumbling, that his eyes are very deep, as if there are lots of secrets in it. he gets tensed and walks off, taking her with him too. Khan begum meanwhile keeps a happy face amindst the crowd, and then when she looks up, she finds the figure gone. she wonders where did that girl disappear so fast. meanwhile, mahira calls azad and says that her dupatta is stuck. they untangle it, and she takes it back again, covering her back. meanwhile, khan begum spots a different woman, with the same kind of bracelet in her hand, that she saw in the reflection, with razia. When the girl is asked by her friend, she doesnt reveal that she stole it from under the sofa and wore it. She says that its hers. Khan begum is tensed to find azad and mahira talking and wonder whats she upto now. she says that she shall take care of this matter later, but right now, she has to attend to this girl with the bracelet. she moves to her, as she is obliviously dancing. khan begum greets her, and then lures her to her room, on the pretext of showing her her dear friend amad’s room. They both leave. mahira is tensed to see this. Amad comes and asks about khan begum. mahira instead asks him why he lied about being a scorpio when he is a libra. he flirts, while azad goes angrily. he continues to tease azad saying sorry, adding that being the birthday boy, he deserves to be forgiven. Azad leaves angrily. Amad asks mahira to look for khan begum. she goes. Amad meanwhile has her own vicious plan.

Later, khan begum has that girl gagged, while she is scared, and she is told that she would end all her miseries and then end her life too. Khan begum eyes her angrily and then stuffs her face down in the vessel of water, saying that for her misdeeds earlier, now she would have to face death. mahira meanwhile goes through the corridor, trying to figure out azad’s horoscope, boggled and puzzled. The girl starts struggling, as she is unable to breathe, while khan begum bears her face down under the water. mahira knocks on the door, alongwith being surprised at the gurgling sound, wondering what is it, and khan begum is tensed, while the girl struggles to gasp for breath. She finally draws the girl’s head out of the water, while she is breathless, still gagged. Mahira is about to open the door. the screen freezes on mahira’s face.

Precap: While mahira is working in the drawing room, scrubbing and cleaning the floor, with her back exposed, khan begum stands at a distance, oblivious of the fact that the girl she is looking for so desperately, is actually standing in front of her. she is tensed.